Monday, January 9, 2012

Movie Muse = Where The Wild Things...

"Happiness isn't always the best way to be happy."

Ok, who remembers the drama of sorts that occurred when this movie came out? Raise your hand... because I do! Basically what had happen' was pre release advertisements and an overwhelming amount of excitement from the blog/indie world caused a pit of failure to form in most peoples stomach when they went to finally see Where the Wild things Are in 09. I predicted this! Honestly I did. There's something about too much artificial hype in a movie that can really ruin it for most people. Everyone was making tents and craft and craziness! (Which I secretly loved.) But the movie's plot was very much undercover and it was pretty apparent that people were becoming aggressively excited over a movie that they knew nothing about plot wise. This is a rant...sorry, but it's only because I LOVED this film when I saw it back then and still to this day am on the verge of tears every time I watch it. Point being, don't get too involved with the hype yall! (pimp walks out of the room)

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