Themed Posts

Below are post themes I do about once a week because I love them so much. They're clickable!

Obsession runs deep in my brain. So much to the point that I feel as though if I don't tell someone my head might explode. To prevent this I post them in my New Favorite Thing category and share them with you. Isn't that nice? Now we don't have to worry about painting the walls!

It's not always an Oscar nom and it's not always an indie hit, (really most of the time they're just randoms) but you can definitely expect some fashion love to come your way after watching my Movie Muse of the week.

I'm a lover not a writer, but sometimes I like to blab on and on about something or something else in the Why I Love section. Like dried fruit. People don't talk about how awesome dried fruit is! Anyway if you feel the need to pull  a "why don't you marry it Pee-Wee" feel free. It's deserved.

I'm a nerd and I crush on things. (Well normal people crush on things, but I'm also a normal person too.) in Nerd Crush I post about people I'm crushing over. Usually other nerds actors or artist. I wanted to call it "Dani's Stalker List" but I figured that would be a bit too creepy.

The Color Club is imaginary. It's not a real club. I wish it was though...because I love color. I love looking at it, staring at it and dreaming about it. Sadly I do not actually wear much color so these posts get out that "Oooh purple!" feeling I get shopping online. We're always excepting members! (Again: not a real club)

Let's say I want to wear a feathered Mardi Gras hat in public on a normal day. How does one make this work realistically? Well how about we find six different ways other people wore feathered hats and use them to help with this conundrum? I say yes! 6 Ways to Wear It was made for this exact purpose.

All of my outfit post go here. I'm a strawberry and this is what Strawberry Wears. (Laughs as she backs out of room slowly) 

Special one time only collections :

Here you'll find a collection of my photos from Comic Con International 2010. Random cosplay pictures, my Doctor Who themed outfit and some special spots we visited wile we were there. It was one of the funnest Cons I've ever been to so take a look.