Tuesday, August 14, 2012

New Favorite Thing = The Blame Game

Me and a boy! OoooooOoooohhh...

Remember when you were in elementary school and all of your friends would be glued to your side bugging you and teasing you when your school crush was around. They would say goofy things in front of him/her just to make you feel queasy in your stomach and embarrassed on the face. Then finally when one of those crushes eventually shows back some interest and you two become a couple (because this is inevitable) you quickly and surprisingly disappear from your friends sights like a Pac-Man ghost that has just been eaten up by a very handsome yellow circle with one eye. No more hangouts, no more movie meetups you literally are never around anymore? Remember that? Well in this circumstance I am the ghost and Patrick (that's the cutey up there) is the Pac-Man....and I guess I'm the friend and you all are my group of friends which would also make you the other colored ghos--- I've confused myself. oh well, I've got a boyfriend now you guys! It's his fault I haven't been blogging... now everyone in unison yell at him a lot. :)

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