Tuesday, February 14, 2012

Will You Be My Companion Cube?

About a week(ish) ago I treated myself to some time wasting/brain stimulating fun. Now, Dani never does this only because once she does she gets so deeply enthralled in the pixelated goal of success that she forgets to eat food and sleep sleep. But like I said I was treating myself and needed a game that guaranteed greatness, and I mean greatness at dopamine inducing levels. Everyone has always said good things about the Portal series so, like a good girl I started at the beginning (there are only 2, but still). Less than 12 hours later... I killed that snarky GLaDOS. I kilt 'er good. Then I went on Etsy and found these gems to remember my victory by:

Saving up time and money for Portal 2!
(Momma has got a budget to keep to.)

Sources = This post was turned into an Etsy treasury. See all links plus more items I didn't include here.

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