Sunday, August 14, 2011

Nerd Crush = Jay Baruchel

Ooof it's been a busy week! Family came down from Germany, my J.O.B. job is in "inventory mode" and my birthday is this Monday. All these things combined are my excuse for that empty period last week, but no worries people, we're back and I brought goodies. Nerd Crush anyone?

Ok so Jay Baruchel. You might know him as the creepy bearded kid from Knocked Up, the insecure and adorable geek from She's Out of My League or even the voice of the main viking tween from How to Train your Dragon! Actually this kids been in everything (kind of like that guy from Capote or whats his face from Minority Report...I won't start that rant) Anywho these photos below will help with the remembering, note the lovely disheveled hair. #hearts

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