Tuesday, July 26, 2011

Why I Love Mens Magazines

Since the dawn of time women have read! Ok, that's not completely true...but you get where I'm going here right? Reading > Literature > Articles > Magazines. Good? Great! Women's magazines are great for me when it comes to short waits in hair salons and long drives to Vegas, but ever since Jane Magazine deceased, my brain has had trouble getting back into the standard female zine inspiration mode. I mean, a girl can only do her makeup so many ways, learn so many new workout regimes and diet so many times before she starts wondering, is this what I want to be reading every month? In my head I said no, but on the outside I wasn't ready to give up my precious floppy puff pieces and visual stimuli. So, I turned to men's mags...and heres why:

The simplicity of it all. Men think differently then us and their magazines show it. Yes. You will find many a bikini clad female and lose all of the "how-to" help we females thrive on (like make-up help obviously) but men's magazines do have a standard theme of articles that will make your educated brain happy.

1: New's Worthy in Depth Pieces. Ever wondered if three young teenage boys could survive for nearly 3 months (in pretty much a row boat) in the middle of the ocean with no food and lots of masculine attitude? Neither did I...but now we don't have to because men's mags feature odd ball earth news like such in a way that even we can enjoy! (I didn't realize they could eat the fish raw until way later, I must have forgotten sushi existed)

2: Edgy Entertainment Updates. Not just frat boy films either! On occasion I see these boys break out with an article on "movies your girlfriend will drag you to" and then rank them on which the gents will hate least. Nifty and useful for us girls no? Not to mention great suggestions on TV, music and going out spots that women's mags seem to glaze over every month.

3: Hot Man Eye Candy. Well dressed men! GUARANTEED!!! Because...well...they dress them well. Simple, enjoyable and you won't feel like a teeny bopper or a lonely spinster while you stare and oogle. Plus learn how to dress you're man, update your own personal ironic mens clothes collection (I found some sick headphone in a June issue I must buy!) and I mentioned all the gorgeous man figures inside right?

Let me clarify, I don't hate women's mags. That's honesty not where I'm going with this, but we can all admit in this safe zone that part of them are utterly annoying and typical. There are useful articles in your Vogues and your Elles, but sadly none of the issues out there have presented themselves in a full fledged powerful and insightful manor as Jane did for me. I'm not saying I'm off women's mags for life, I'll wait and search for my Jane Mag replacement until the cows come home, but until that day comes... I'm men's mags all the way.

My top 2 suggestions: GQ Magazine (1 year=$19.99) NylonGuys (1 year=9.95)

Buy them, read them, enjoy and comment below with your favorite mag obsession. I'd love to know what everyone else is reading out there!

xo, Dani

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