Wednesday, April 18, 2012

Why I Love Napping In My Car

Not only am I a fan of napping, I'm also crazy amazing at it and napping in my car is a new adventure for me. Yes it makes me feel more like a hobo, and yes I'm paranoid that people are watching me, but there is something very freeing about being able to do your favorite thing (and napping is literally my favorite thing of all time) anywhere you go.

Somethings to prepare for when planning on regularly napping in your car:

1. The Sun: It can be your worst enemy, especially if you are someone who is used to a pitch black room while napping. For situations like this I have to insist you buy a sleeping mask. Not only are they nifty sun defeaters, but they can also be freaking cute. Get one like Holly Golightly if you're having trouble deciding. That way you won't have to worry about looking pretty while you snooze.

2. Comfort: I have no guilt in buying a cozy blanket and a mini pillow and storing them in my backseat for emergency napping. I have no shame sir! I will throw out that cozy blanket, prop my head on that mini pillow and snooze for a lunch hour like nothing. Plus you're always ready for an emergency sleep over...

3. Commitment: If you are going to do it... do it. Take your shoes off. Throw back your hair. Whatever it takes. And tell your friends! The more people who are open to their weird napping experiences the less strange the looks we will get become when we say "be right back I'm gunna go take a nap in my car..."

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  1. hahaa i love this post. made me laugh! great blog.

    follow back if you get a chance :) From Cupcakes, With Love x

  2. Hm, I suppose a bigger car like a van has the room to make a good spot for napping. It could be a fun idea as well: for example, having a short road trip during the weekend to nap in a scenic spot.

  3. Taking a nap is definitely one of life’s little pleasures! Haha! It’s good that you can take a nap in your car whenever you feel like you need a boost of energy. Actually, studies show that a power nap is extremely beneficial—it can improve your alertness level and cognitive functioning while reducing your stress. Happy Napping!